Case Studies

List of Case Studies


Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation (WISCO), Wuhan, 1950s

Harbin Measuring and Cutting Tool (HMCT) Factory, Harbin, 1950s

Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST), Wuhan, 1950s

People’s Commune

Shigushan Brigade under Fenghuang People’s Commune (now known as Shigushan Village), Wuhan, built in 1973-74

PanyuPeople’s Commune, Guangzhou (proposal in 1958)

Urban Xiaoqu (Small District) 

Geguang Community, Guanshan Sub-district, Wuhan, 1994/1996/1998/2003

Miaosan Community, Beihu Sub-district, Wuhan, early1980s/2000

Xinyuan Xili Community, Zuojiazhuang Sub-district, Beijing, early1980s

Hongmei Xiaoqu, Hongmei Sub-district, Shanghai, 1996

Four Xiaoqu Case Studies – Communal Facilities and Spaces