Shanghai Events

Community Roundtables 

Hongmei Sub-district, Xuhui District, Shanghai, P. R. China


Time: 9:00 am, 13 September, 2018


Venue: Hongmei Sub-district Community Centre


Local government attendees 出席范围:

Vice-leader of Community Building Office, District Committee 区委社建办副主任;

Party Secretory of Hongmei Sub-district Office 街道党工委书记;

Vice Leader of Hongmei Sub-district Office People’s Congress 街道人大工委副主任;

Leader of Party Building Department, Hongmei Sub-district Office 社区党建办公室主任,

Leader of Self-organisation Department, Hongmei Sub-district Office 社区自治办公室负责人;

Speakers and discussants 与会专家: 

Sam Jacoby, Research Leader, School of Architecture, Royal College of Art 英国皇家艺术学院,建筑学院 研究部门总负责人;

Fan Haoyang |范浩阳, Co-founder of Fanjing United Design Institute 泛境联合设计机构合伙人;

Jingru (Cyan) Cheng | 程婧如, Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Architecture, Royal College of Art 英国皇家艺术学院,建筑学院 博士后副研究员;

Cao Guohui | 曹国慧, Dean’s Assistant, Research Institute of Social Work and Social Governance, East China University of Science and Technology 华东理工大学“上海高校智库”社会工作与社会政策研究院院长助理;

Yan Jiawei |闫加伟, founder of Shelinjia 社邻家创始人

Roundtable Chair 会议主持:

Pu Yapeng | 蒲亚鹏, Party Secretory of Hongmei Sub-district Office 虹梅街道党工委书记